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6 DIY Backyard Projects to Create an Outdoor Oasis

Make the Most of Summer With These Beautiful Outdoor Living Space Ideas  

Whether you have a small plot of grass behind your townhouse, or sprawling fields behind your rural retreat, your backyard is an extension of your home. It’s an outdoor living space that provides the perfect spot to entertain friends and family, or to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the work week. 

When you look out your back window, you should see an inviting space that mirrors the stylish interior of your home. Here are a few simple DIY projects to help you create a chic backyard.

Backyard Projects to Inspire Your Creativity

Enjoy Summer Nights With a Fire Pit

Cozy up with friends and family while relaxing next to a roaring fire. No need for a fancy outdoor fireplace, you can purchase fire pits or build your own using bricks and gravel in no time. 

Stay on the Path

Think of a path as an outdoor hallway. With the right stones, or even slices of wood, you can create an elegant walkway through your lush, green grass. Just remember to measure and space the stones out equally to avoid looking haphazard. 

Cook Outdoors - and Make Drinks Too

Summer is all about spending more time outdoors than in, and that includes time spent in the kitchen. Expand your outdoor grill to an outdoor kitchen, complete with stations to wash, cut and prepare dishes. Include a small bar area for the ultimate entertainment space.

Outdoor Pergola

Relax in the Shade

Create a shaded area of your yard to take refuge from the sun and catch a break. Build a pergola, purchase an umbrella or install a retractable awning to pair with an outdoor sectional to create a cool living area. 

Kick Back on the Patio

Outdoor Patio

Don’t want to pay for a stamped concrete patio? Laying your own stone patio can be one of the quickest DIY projects for your backyard. With a few large stones and tools from your shed, this project can be completed in one weekend.

Make the Walls Come Alive

Privacy fences create a serene backyard, but aren’t necessarily the prettiest thing to look at. Consider planting living walls that double as a garden. Use wood pallets or cleverly stack boxes and pots, both will divide up your yard and create an inviting aesthetic. 

Transform Your Backyard

Taking on one or all of these projects can dramatically transform your backyard. Don’t forget those small details that really bring your backyard together: Decorative rugs, pillows and candles will complete your patio, outdoor curtains upgrade your pergola and solar-powered lights can brighten up your stone walkway at night. 

Which projects will you use to complete your dream outdoor living space? Let us know in the comments, and we’d love to hear how you used the DIY route to make the most of summer. 

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