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What's the Average Cost of a Roll Off Dumpster?

The average cost of a dumpster rental nationwide is $485 with typical prices ranging between $244 to $928. Keep in mind that exact rates vary based on several factors, including location, dumpster size and debris type. The table below will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay by roll off dumpster size. For a more specific rate, give us a quick call or fill out our online quote form.

Need a quote for a permanent dumpster at your business? See our average commercial dumpster prices.


Average Price Range

Average Dumpster Cost

10 Yard Dumpster.

10 Yard Dumpster

$244 - $531


15 Yard Dumpster.

15 Yard Dumpster

$253 - $607


20 Yard Dumpster.

20 Yard Dumpster

$268 - $657


30 Yard Dumpster.

30 Yard Dumpster

$360 - $809


40 Yard Dumpster.

40 Yard Dumpster

$396 - $928


Pricing varies by location. Enter your city or zip for local dumpster rental information:

Updated November 2021. Price ranges are calculated using rates paid by real customers working on a variety of projects over the previous year.

What Does a Construction Dumpster Rental Cost?

Average prices for construction dumpsters typically range from $285 - $1,068. These containers tend to cost a bit more than residential bins due to the higher disposal fees associated with construction and demolition debris. This price covers all your basic rental expenses — delivery, pickup, local taxes, disposal fees and a covered weight allowance.

If you’re a contractor, you’ll also get a dedicated account team at no extra cost. We'll coordinate and manage waste removal details at all your jobsites, whether you work locally or nationwide. Click the button below to learn more.

Our Upfront Prices Save You More

You’ll get one straightforward rate that combines delivery, pickup, taxes, disposal fees and a set weight allowance when you rent a roll off dumpster with us.

When comparing dumpster rental sizes and prices, you might find that other providers cover smaller weight limits for the same size container, or do not include all of the costs associated with their service in your initial quote. That means you may end up paying more down the line.

With us, the upfront price is what you pay — it’s that easy.

1. Location

Dumpster rental prices depend on local fuel costs, area disposal fees and regional regulations around sorting and recycling. For example, container rentals on the East Coast or West Coast may be more expensive than in the Midwest, and a debris box in a big city may cost more than in a smaller town.

Here is a list of 20 cities across the country and the typical dumpster rental price ranges and average costs to give you an idea how prices vary based on location.


Typical Price Range

Average Cost

Ann Arbor, MI

$310 - $610


Atlanta, GA

$274 - $715


Boston, MA

$385 - $910


Boulder, CO

$355 - $699


Camden, NJ

$398 - $824


Charleston, SC

$355 - $673


Detroit, MI

$315 - $580


Durham, NC

$260 – $595


Jacksonville, FL

$295 - $674


Kalamazoo, MI

$305 - $827


Knoxville, TN

$325 - $806


Manhattan, NY

$507 - $971


Minneapolis, MN

$341 - $907


New Orleans, LA

$299 - $605


Pensacola, FL

$290 - $700


Pittsburgh, PA

$312 - $652


Provo, UT

$265 - $725


Sacramento, CA

$339 - $880


San Diego, CA

$363 - $852


Washington, D.C.

$325 - $775


Price ranges were calculated in November 2021 based on rates paid over the previous year by real customers working on a variety of projects. Ranges are subject to change over time and exact quotes may differ based on the factors discussed on this page.

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2. Debris Type

Disposal costs also vary based on what you’re throwing out and the landfills or processing facilities in your area. Some materials, such as common household items, are widely accepted. Others, like construction materials, yard waste and heavy debris, are only allowed at specific facilities because they require special disposal methods. We'll get you up to speed on local regulations and prohibited items when you request a quote.

Here are some common debris types and materials we generally accept:

Common Items: Household Debris, Furniture and General Trash

Common Items: Asphalt and Slate Shingles, Underlayment, Flashing and Roof Vents

Common Items: Shrubs, Bushes, Trees, Dirt and Soil

Common Items: Concrete, Brick, Gravel and Asphalt

Common Items: Drywall, Plaster, Wood, Flooring and Cabinetry

3. Size & Availability

Generally speaking, larger dumpsters tend to cost more because they accommodate more debris. That’s where we come in. To ensure you get the right size for your needs and don't pay for unused space, our experts will collect the details of your project and help you choose the right roll off dumpster for the task at hand.

Container availability varies throughout the year due to demand, which may cause prices to fluctuate. For example, demand for dumpsters is usually highest in the summer months. Extreme weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes or severe snowstorms can also impact our inventory, which could affect prices.

4. Rental Period

The length of time you have the temporary dumpster also factors into your cost. Standard rental periods are generally 7-10 days, but this may vary by location. If you need to hang on to your container a bit longer, let us know and you’ll receive a low daily rate for each additional day. If you're planning a long-term project, please ask about our ongoing roll off rental services when you call.

graphic of a calendar with dates scratched out
Dumpsters.com Shingle and Concrete Weight Calculators.

5. Weight

Landfill disposal charges are primarily based on the total weight of your materials: the heavier the dumpster, the more it costs to dispose of the contents. Our bundled rates include a set weight limit for your rental, so you won’t need to know exactly how heavy your trash is when you place your order.

If you’re not sure how much your debris will weigh, our dumpster rental specialists can help. We'll ask about your project to estimate the weight allowance you'll need. If you end up with a bit more debris than expected, we'll charge a low, pro-rated fee for any tonnage above the allowance so you can get rid of the extra for a fair price.

Try our weight calculators to find the tonnage you need.

It's against the law for our drivers to haul dumpsters weighing more than ten tons on the road. So, if you end up with a lot more debris than expected, we may need to send a second dumpster to offload the extra debris.

6. Facility Fees

Disposal facilities can charge a variety of extra costs, from standard taxes to other fees assessed by the landfill. We make sure to include all these costs in your quoted price so you don’t get a surprise charge down the road.

Can Anything Else Affect the Cost of a Dumpster Rental?

There are a few scenarios that can result in an additional fee. To avoid surprises, our team will fully review the terms and conditions of your rental agreement to help you understand these charges and how to avoid them.

Graphic of a Dumpster on a Scale With an Arrow Pointing to Dollar Signs.

Exceeding Weight Capacity

If you toss more than the tonnage you were quoted, we charge a pro-rated overage fee per ton. This fee is a cost-effective way to make sure you get rid of everything at once.

A Graphic of a Car Blocking the Delivery of a Roll Off Dumpster.

Missing Delivery or Pickup

We charge a trip fee if the driver can't complete service due to obstacles such as a car in the driveway. Please be sure to prepare for delivery and pickup by clearing the area.

Graphic of a Calendar Pointing to a Stack of Dollars.

Extending the Rental Period

If you end up needing more time to finish your project, we’re flexible — we can usually extend the rental period for a low daily rate. Just let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Disposing of Special Items

In some locations, items like appliances or electronics may require special handling, resulting in an added fee. Keep in mind that this usually applies to any disposal method, not just dumpsters.

Tossing Prohibited Items

If your dumpster contains prohibited items when it’s emptied, the landfill will charge us and we'll pass that fee to you. Our team reviews prohibited items with you when you place your order.

Surpassing Bin Capacity

Our containers hold a lot, but it’s against the law to drive with objects above the fill line or hanging over the sides. You may need to rent another dumpster for extra items so we can haul the debris away.

Waiting to Cancel an Order

We get it. Plans change — but please let us know as soon as possible if you won't need a dumpster. It helps us plan routes and schedule other customers.

Digging Out Debris

If your debris gets stuck in the dumpster — whether it’s frozen inside or jammed too tightly — the landfill may charge to physically remove it.

Extracting a Dumpster

If the dumpster is placed in the grass or dirt, the weight of the debris may cause it to sink into the ground. If that happens, we have to charge you to pull it out.

exclamation white

Don’t Forget the Permit

Another common fee associated with renting a dumpster is obtaining a permit. If you’d like the container placed in a public right-of-way, such as the street or sidewalk, you’ll likely need a permit from your local government. In some cities, we can handle this for you and include the cost in your rental price. However, depending on the rules in your area, you may need to submit the permit application and pay the fee yourself.

Don’t worry — when you call, we’ll let you know if you need a permit and help you find out how to obtain one if we can’t do it on your behalf.

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