Permanent Dumpster Rental Services

Permanent Dumpsters

Reliable Long-Term Dumpster Rentals

Our permanent, front load dumpsters are designed to serve the waste disposal needs of organizations both large and small. If you are looking for larger dumpsters for a one-time project, we also offer temporary dumpsters

Monthly dumpster rental contracts ensure that your trash is picked up on time and that ongoing service meets the demands of your workplace. We have streamlined our permanent dumpster services, allowing any business to quickly set up a long-term dumpster rental and modify service at any time to meet the evolving needs of the company. Our service contracts offer:

     ✔ Reliable waste removal services for all types of businesses.
     ✔ Ability to order, schedule and update service over the phone during our business hours.
     ✔ Flexibility to choose a one-year contract compared to more traditional 3-5 year agreements.
     ✔ All inclusive, flat-rate pricing so there are no surprises on your monthly bill.
     ✔ Continuous customer support to handle additional service requests and answer any questions that may arise.

Setting Up Permanent Dumpster Service With Dumpsters.com

Dumpsters.com ensures every pickup meets the demands of your organization and keeps your workplace and property as clean as possible. All of your waste is properly handled from the moment you put it in the dumpster. 

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Industries We Serve With Permanent Dumpster Rentals

Whether you are a local diner or a sprawling retail warehouse, your business needs a reliable ongoing dumpster rental service. With a variety of sizes and service options, we have what you need.


From gourmet dining establishments to fast-food joints, Dumpsters.com offers trash collection services to keep your restaurant waste-free. Learn which sizes are most common among our restaurant clients, and find the right option for your eatery. 

shopping cart iconGrocery Stores

Whether you are a supermarket chain or a small corner market, we provide regular solid waste pickup services so your store stays clean. See how our permanent dumpster services can help your grocery store. 


From large corporate agencies to small, mixed-use office spaces, Dumpsters.com has long-term dumpster rentals that can handle the volume of your waste stream. We’ll ensure your office trash is taken care of based on your schedule, with additional pickups available upon request. 


Cleanliness is the number one priority for hotel operators and managers, and it is ours as well. We’ll provide your business with a container to maintain the appearance of your property, while also providing a flexible schedule that works around your peak busy season.  

Apartment Trash Service

We understand property managers operate on tight schedules, so Dumpsters.com will be sure to keep your permanent dumpster service running on a timetable that fits your needs. If you need an extra pickup or a change in service, our team will handle everything for you. 

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Your business focuses on creating great products with optimum efficiency. We focus on providing the waste management services to match your level of production. For a large facility that produces a high volume of trash, we also offer continued service for larger roll off dumpsters that may be a better fit for your organization’s needs.   

Retail Waste Management

Small, medium and large retailers have a broad range of disposal needs, and Dumpsters.com has a variety of permanent dumpster sizes available to handle any volume of trash.

Schools and Colleges

Whether class is in session or out for summer, our monthly dumpster rental services are always on the job. We can provide year-round trash collection services for schools of any size, from elementary to higher education. 

Government and Municipalities

Government offices and local municipal buildings require long-term dumpster rental solutions to manage their waste streams. Our friendly and helpful customer support team will ensure your offices and facilities receive timely trash collection services for less.  


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