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How to Keep People From Using Your Business’s Dumpster

What is Illegal Dumping and How Can You Prevent It?

One problem that many business owners face is preventing patrons and passersby from using their dumpster. It’s called illegal dumping, and if you’ve ever been a victim of it, you know how frustrating it can be. Not only does their trash take up space in your dumpster, but when it comes time to pay your bill, your costs could go up if the weight limit has been exceeded. However, there are preventative measures you can take to keep people from using your dumpster rental. 

Lock Your Dumpster

Seems obvious enough, right? We lock things to keep people from using them. It’s the reason we lock up our bikes, cars and homes. It may be an inconvenience to have to unlock your dumpster every time you and your employees have to throw something out, but it beats having others throw in their trash at will. 

Place a Sign

Another tip on how to prevent illegal dumping is to place a warning sign on the dumpster. While your dumpster will still be susceptible to outsiders, a warning sign is a good way to deter most people from throwing their trash into your dumpster. Think of it like a “Beware of Dog” or “No Trespassing” sign. Simple, but effective. 

Install a Security Camera

It’s not realistic for you to be at your place of business at all hours of the day. Nor should you or any of your employees be expected to guard the dumpster during business hours. By installing a security camera overlooking the dumpster area, you can keep a lookout for people who may be trying to discreetly dump a tire or two. Some companies even get fake cameras and put a sign on the dumpster reading “dumpster is under surveillance.” Much like a warning sign, this has the potential to keep people from using your business dumpster.

Place Your Dumpster in a Secure Area

A good way to keep people from using your dumpster is by placing it in a secure, well-lit area. If your business has a fenced-in area think about putting your dumpster in there. If not, consider putting up a temporary fence around the container. 

Start a Daily Checkup Routine

Check your dumpster on a daily basis, and not just during times when you’re throwing something out. Check your dumpster when you get to work, during work and after work. If you notice something inside the dumpster that wasn’t there when you closed up last night, remove it. 

Ask Around

This especially applies to those in the restaurant industry. Ask your regulars if they’ve seen random people putting things in your dumpster, and if they have, take legal action. Using someone else’s dumpster is considered theft of services, and trespassing. Both are crimes, so you have leverage if a situation like this were to arise.


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